2020 SUMMER CAMPS FOR KIDS AGES 3+ | Camp Size Limited to 8 students

Menu Calendar

Explore our sample menu calendars and details. Some meals might change slightly due to availability of seasonal ingredients. Keep scrolling to see complete menu details and calendars.

Please note that schools have different food requirements, holidays and program days. This meal calendar to show you the type of meals you can expect for your child's Beeline Market School Lunch Program.

We offer daily substitution options of Beeline Butter (homemade sunflower seed butter mixed with apple butter) & Jam Sandwich or Turkey and Cheese Roll Ups.  Plus a daily Gluten Free or Vegetarian version of our Daily Menu Option.

October Menu

November and December Menus

Turkey (or Ham) + Cheese Pretzel Hoagie: A crowd favorite. We pile house-roasted turkey and sliced cheese on a delicious pretzel hoagie from Slow Dough Bread Co. 

Cows In Sleeping Bags: Organic All Beef Hot Dog wrapped in homemade Parker House Rolls served with homemade ketchup. Served with seasonal fruit, local vegetables, homemade chocolate pudding.

Seasonal Pancakes: Our nutritious pancake batter, made with Barton Springs Mill organic whole wheat flour, is the perfect blank canvas for a variety of seasonal flavors including banana, pumpkin and apple pancakes.

Chicken Fried Rice: Organic rice stir-fried with Vital Farms scrambled eggs, local veggies and organic chicken.  

Rainbow Sauce Pizza: Homemade, fermented dough topped with our nutritious, vegetable-rich Rainbow Sauce (sauteed local veggies blended with Muir Glen organic tomatoes and basil) and in-house cheese blend.

Crispy Chicken Tenders: Organic chicken tenders coated in a homemade marinade, tossed in toasted panko (for added crunch!), and oven-baked to perfection.  Served with homemade dipping sauce.   

Taco Empanadas: Empanada dough, made with Barton Springs Mill heirloom flour, filled with mildly seasoned Texas ground beef, organic black beans, minced veggies and cheese.  

Turkey (or Ham) + Cheese Roll Ups: We lightly spread whipped organic cream cheese on an El Milagro tortilla and fill it with our in-house roasted turkey and Tillamook medium cheddar cheese.  Rolled and cut into pinwheels.  

Meatballs + Pasta: Homemade (Niman Ranch beef) meatballs served with organic pasta tossed in olive oil, and a side of our homemade rainbow sauce for dipping.  

Bean + Cheese Quesadillas: Homemade black bean puree (with a little rainbow sauce) and cheese sandwiched between 2 El Milagro flour tortillas and griddled to perfection.   

Steamies Dumplings: Local partnership with Steamies Dumplings. Authentic Chinese dumplings made with simple, locally sourced ingredients.  Pork & Napa Cabbage (Ace/no pork students- chicken, shiitake mushrooms)  

Chicken + Apple Sausage Mummies: A Spooktacular Halloween Lunch!  Chicken and apple sausage sliced lenthwise,wrapped in a homemade dough and baked until golden.  Served with homemade dipping sauce and a festive Halloween treat!